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Personal sessions where we journey in awareness, releasing energy from the body to heal physical ach

  • 1 uu 30 min.
  • 77 euro
  • Noachstraat

Wat houdt het in?

Contemplaydance is the Dance of the emotional and physical body, playing out the constrictions of the mind to restore the balance of the body and heal physical aches. In these personal sessions we contemplate with awareness of the body, the energies within and surrounding us. By diving into the mind to discover these thoughts, stories or patterns that are held in the physical being, we address the sensitive energetic spots or physical aches. Information stored in these spots are often connected to our emotional body and asking for attention with awareness to transform or release. While we move through the body and these energies, stretching them out, we release the energy that is no longer serving and heal injuries and aches. * Contemplating Life * Restoring Balance *Stretching the muscles *Journey on music * Dancing it out ContemPlayDance sessions are intimate work, so before we get started, let's get to know each other in a call to set up your personal plan. Connect by email or the booking form.


  • Noachstraat

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